Hello, my name is Dei, and I am a professional costumer. I make custom costumes and cosplay commissions, and you can view my portfolio and contact me through my website.

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Anonymous asked
If I wanted to commission some mituna horns how do I do that and what would it cost? :)

Sorry, we don’t do horn commissions; the only time ever make horns for other people is for very close local friends.

Once again we’re up late before the con working on costumes.. I just got my wig done did and it’s nearly 1am.

Adventure Time this weekend! (and possibly fancy god tiers if we feel up to a lot of body painting in the rain)

Anonymous asked
Um, I don't know how to going about tell you this, but I roleplay on twitter, and there may be a person going around posting pics of you and Dei then saying that is her and her girlfriend. Do you roleplay or is there a problem here because you two are some of my favorite cosplayers, and I don't want someone stealing your cosplay pictures.


Oh man, that is definitely not us. We have twitters but they are private. I don’t really mind if people use my photos for roleplay but pretending to be us is kinda weird… Thanks for telling me, anon! 

Haha you can only pretend to be us if you claim to be married.



If you love costumes, prizes, and to challenge the limits of your craftsmanship, Northwest Fan Fest’s costume contest is the event for you! As the largest costume contest in BC with some of the best prizes in Canada we encourage costumers of all skill levels to engage in friendly competition and bring their favourite characters and designs to life in front of an audience.

Northwest Fan Fest is proud to be offering some of the largest and most exciting costume contest prizes in North America. We believe in rewarding serious costumers for their effort with serious prizes, from best in class to judge’s choice!

The Grand Prize is $1,000 cash, as well as two tickets to next year’s Northwest Fan Fest!  

This contest is geared towards those who craft their own costumes and will be evaluated by an experienced panel of judges based on accuracy, creativity, and above all craftsmanship. Contestants will show their costumes onstage in a walk-on format hosted by colourful MCs who will entertain the audience as well as provide introductions and support for each entry.  

Please see our website for more details on this event and feel free to contact our costume contest team for any questions you may have. 

GO SIGN UP GUYS! We’re working real hard to make this year’s contest awesome! 


My Pixie costume from New X-men!  I love this costume!  It’s super fun and super adorable!  The costume is made by Dei-Sandvich and Kisbe from EBcostumes.  The wings where made by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things

I can’t wait to wear it again!  Check out Moongazer22 & Fluffy Cosplay for more photos!

In making this cosplay I realized how much I still want to cosplay Shadowcat.


Another Helmsman pic from last year at Cos & Effect. Getting night photos of this cosplay was such a dream come true.



Oh, hey, more ECCC 2014 Homestuck pics.  Those just keep happening.

Caliborn: cherrylimesalt
Kanaya: me
Vriska: valkyrie-cain-is-insane
Rose: terezipondpotter

(Yell at me if you want me to credit your cosplay!  Or ask me politely, I guess you could do that too.)

((Kurloz, we talked a dozen times and I’m a total assbutt for not getting your tumblr!))

Kisbe and I didn’t go to this con, but we made the costume for that Redglare in the 3rd row. Look how good she looks yeahhh.