Hello, my name is Dei, and I am a professional costumer. I make custom costumes and cosplay commissions, and you can view my portfolio and contact me through my website.

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acleverdmmdurl asked
Hey there~ I just had a few questions and I guess it would be kinda hard for you to answer?? But anyway, I'm a new cosplayer and I'm 15. My city doesn't have a lot of jobs to offer to 15 year olds and I need a way to save up money for cosplay. I've been looking around for all the components and I even made a grand total. I'm hoping to save up enough money (and a little extra) for all of this. Any tips on making/saving money?

Hmmm I had a job when I was 15 so it was probably a little easier for me, but there are some things you can do…

1. Put all of your change in a jar. This is a bit easier for Canadians because our change comes in values such as $1 and $2, but even a bunch of quarters will help. It’s surprising how much can add up.
2. See if you can do something like babysitting or tutoring - you’re the right age for parents to hire you for younger kids (13-year-olds usually have trouble babysitting toddlers, for example).
3. Mow a lawn/do chores for elderly neighbours, etc.4. Consider doing art commissions for friends - or if you do crafts try selling those.
5. Ask your parents to help you shop online. You can get crazy deals if you’re based in the US - often with free shipping.
6. Plan cosplay around holidays and ask for items/money as gifts.
7. Have a garage sale to get rid of some old stuff for cash.

Also - try making cosplay mockups out of cheap fabric if you’re going to sew from scratch so you don’t waste nice fabric on silly mistakes.

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I’ve been ill and also adjusting to a new position at work so I haven’t had much energy to cosplay.

This week we threw together some Yowamushi Pedal costumes really quickly because we’ve finally found a sports anime for us.

Proper photos to come.

Anonymous asked
what fabrics did you use for your aoba cosplay

I used bridal satin; I used the right side for the white fabric and the wrong side for the blue.