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Eridan wig styling guide! (Which is one of many ways to style an Eridan wig so please don’t get mad if you don’t like this particular way.)

I was restyling my wig after dyeing the violet weft to match my cape (it photographs in like 50 shades of blue in these photos), so it’s already cut into the shape I like.

1. Install your horns and comb your wig.

2. Flip the violet bit forward and hairspray the base wig, sleeking the hair back and up (it comes to a bit of a point in the back on mine.) Don’t break the tip off your horn in the process like I did.

3. I like having a bit of a pompadour, so separate some hair in the front and hold it forward. Hairspray it lightly and then blow dry it for a few seconds to dry the hairspray and heat set the wig in that spot.

4. Flip that hairsprayed bit back and notice how it’ll stick up now, pin it into place where you like it. Hairspray it lightly and blow dry it again for a few seconds.

5. Repeat step 3 with the violet hair. I found that doing this in sections made it more manageable and looked a bit more natural/voluminous.

6. Pin the violet hair over the black pomp.

7. Twist the hair in the opposite direction and pin it again to make the wavy thing.

8. Repeat until all the hair is up and the shape is nice and smooth. Hairspray it well and heat set it with the blow dryer for about a minute.

9. Enjoy your Eridan wig yay.

10. Take bathroom selfies.

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